Spokesmodel What? Learning to rep your brand

What is a Spokesmodel?
A spokesmodel is a person that represents a brand or company. Essentially, a model that is the face and voice of a company.  A spokesmodel may be called a Brand Ambassador, Brand Rep, Promotional Specialist, etc.

What does the job entail?
The job duties vary and are determined by the client. A few things will always be the same. You will have a target market, key points or a brand message, and you must be able to approach strangers. The most important thing is to be engaging and create memorable experiences with the consumers.

How much does it pay?
Pay rate varies with the market and client. I have worked for a flat day rate of $650, but I have also booked jobs at $16/hr.

What does it take to be a spokesmodel?
A neat appearance, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work independently. When applying you will most likely need a head shot and body shot.

Who is your client exactly?
The client is the company or brand that you are representing. It's important to always represent your client in a positive way and treat everyone as if they are your client.

Where can I find spokesmodel jobs?
You can find these jobs through marketing agencies. A few legit agencies that I've booked work through are Attack Marketing, Media Star Promotions, Team Enterprise, Encore Nationwide, Fusion, GC Marketing. You can always google the top 100 list for marketing agencies!

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