Fashion Model Taylor Michele

I have had the opportunity to work with Taylor Michele. We first met during Pittsburgh Fashion Week while doing a show for Crazy Hot Clothes and then again at a shoot for designer Brian David. I must say that Taylor embodies fashion modeling. Check out some of her work. This is what Taylor had to say about the world of modeling:

How Did You Get into Modeling?

I've wanted to model since I was 13 years old. I bought my first Vogue in 8th grade. I finally contacted a local photographer and had my first photo shoot in February of 2010 when I was 15.

Do You Have a Goal for Your Modeling Career?

I would love to be signed in New York with Ford, Elite, Next, IMG, Major, Women, etc. That’s the dream for me, however, I know most models do not make it in such a big market, so I try to keep a realistic mind set.

What Makes You Unique as a Model?

My hair and my gap. I understand models can dye their hair red any day, but mine’s natural, and I feel that’s definitely something I like to embrace and can use to my advantage. I also have a slight gap in two front teeth which I love, since it’s very edgy.

What Qualities Does a Great Model Possess?

I believe a great model should be modest, professional, and very personable. No one wants to work with a grump! 

What is Something that Modeling has Taught You About Yourself?

Before modeling, I was very self conscious about my looks. Surprisingly, modeling really helped me become more comfortable with my looks and body. It gave me a confidence I never had.

What are Your Top 3 Tips for Models Looking to Get in to the Industry?

1) Quality over Quantity. Work with the best people you can and get the best shots. If you have 5 okay shots and 2 fantastic shots, use the 2 fantastic shots for your book.

2) Modeling school is a waste of time…and money

3) Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough or worthy. Yes, the industry has standards, but your dignity and confidence come first. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

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