Know Who You Are and What You Want

Set goals for your modeling career

 If you're truly passionate about modeling you have an ultimate day dream about where you want to be in your career.

Write down your goals

You don't have to show anyone. Doing this will make your dreams more real, more attainable.

Make a plan of action

It should be comprised of smaller goals. For example, if your dream is to be signed by one of the top model agencies - some of your smaller goals would be to make it to a open call, or create a book. Then you break that down.. What do you need to do in order to make it to that open call or who should you work with to create an awesome book?

Be Realistic

In the end your goals should be reasonable. I know that I will never be a petite model.. well because I'm not petite, I'm 5'9. If you're 5'2 don't be discouraged that is highly unlikely for you to be a fashion model. The industry is massive and there are tons of opportunities!

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