Professionalism is more important than you may think. Perhaps, you're saying "Oh, modeling is only my hobby." That may be true now, but you cannot go back to make a second first-impression. Keep in mind that I learned some of this the hard way. =)  

Here are a few ways to keep it professional:

Initial Contact
You should try keep it professional from the start. Professionally address your Photographer, Makeup Artist, etc. Don't just say, "What's up? You wanna shoot?" No one will take you seriously. Be sure to include a subject, reason for contact, and your contact information. It's like professional email etiquette lol.

Everyone is a Potential Client
Everyone on a shoot or at a show has eyes and ears. Don't use inappropriate language or speak negatively about anyone. You may find that getting wasted at an event is fun, but it will most likely counteract why you're there in the first place. If you're doing a fashion show, you're there to show to clothing and represent the designer,mua, stylist, etc. People attending the event are a part of the fashion industry! Any person there could be your next client or referral. And remember you're always representing your personal brand.

Showing Up is Half the Battle
If you get booked, you need to show up! Canceling an hour before a shoot or just not showing up is unacceptable. Most of the time, the crew you're working with has put in a lot of time pre-shoot to make it happen. And they have most likely have deadlines to meet. If you cannot make it for some reason, let the person in charge know ASAP and try to find a replacement!

Don't Step on Anyone's Toes
Most Creative Directors or Photographers have the end result in mind. It's great to add your creative input on set, but sometimes it isn't needed or wanted. Don't take it personally. 

Come Prepared
Ask about what the concept is beforehand. Then look for personal inspiration in fashion mags or online and practice different poses in front of the mirror. Always find out what is expected of you and what you need to bring.

When Personality Gets in Your Way
Having an extremely outgoing personality is great! It's not always needed though. I have experienced models who have put on a fake act. With all of their focus on impressing the crew with their personality, they sometimes fall flat infront of the camera. Remember be yourself and leave your ego at the door.

Be Professional Even if They're Not
You may encounter some unprofessional industry "professionals." I can think of a few people. Let me just say this.. When you're forced (booked) to work with a screaming rude photographer, just bite your tongue. Your feelings are not a concern of a lot of people in this industry. Remain professional regardless. It can be so frustrating at times, but don't publicly insult anyone. When their career comes crashing down you will know why! 

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