One of my favorite photographers in Pittsburgh is Megan Gardner.  Megan has been into photography for about 7 years. Did I mention that she is a talented model and makeup artist, too? She has called Pittsburgh home for less than a year, but has been busy at work ever since. See what Meg loves about photography and what tips you should follow to be a better prepared model.

"I have always loved all forms of art, but I think photography is one that I have the best understanding of; therfore it's the best creative outlet for me. I think that is really my favorite aspect of it. Being able to get my thoughts and ideas out through my photography is great"

 Meg on her favorite aspect of photography

Are You a Coveted Model?

Here's what Megan looks for in a model:

Models need to have strong, interesting features
and know how to emote very well.  In beauty height and weight are irrelevant.  However, if I were shooting fashion, glamour, commercial, etc.  I would need different looks depending on the project.

Are You Photoshoot Ready?
 3 Tips on how to prepare:

1 Nails
Since I mostly shoot beauty, one big thing is your nails. Nothing kills a beauty shot quite like bad nails. If I am shooting a dark look with someone, it's safe to say that they shouldn't show up with pink and purple polka dot nails.

Practice Makes Perfect Beautiful
Practicing expressions in a mirror before a beauty shoot is also very helpful. A lot of new models have a hard time working different expressions into a shoot, but practicing them in a mirror helps a lot. This way you see what angles do and don't work for you and you get an idea of how much little changes in just your eyes even will make a huge difference.

 3 Fresh Face
Do not go to a beauty shoot with makeup on your face and/or product in your hair if there will be someone there for hair and makeup.

Model Bag - What to Bring to the Shoot

Meg says you should always ask the photographer and style team what to bring prior to the shoot. But here are a few things that she suggests

Beauty Shoots:
  • Strapless top/bra
  • Your foundation. This is debatable, because with a good MUA, you shouldn't have to worry about this, but with new MUAs, a lot of times they may not have a foundation for your skintone.
  • Mascara. Again, just in case.
Fashion, Glamour, Commercial Shoots:
  • Same as above +
  • White/Nude and black bras. At least one strapless.
  • White/Nude and black thong or other panties that will not create lines under wardrobe.
  • + Whatever wardrobe you are asked to bring if wardrobe is not provided.
  • Your ID (you will need this if a release is used and/or for nude/adult work)
  • Safety pins
  • Tooth brush. Those Wisp disposable brushes come in very handy as well.
  • Black and nude panthose
  • Moisturizer
  • Chapstick
  • Makeup remover (Garnier makes awesome face wipes)
  • Bobby pins and hair ties
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable razor
  • Simple pair of black heels
  • Hairspray
  • Water and a small snack (like crackers).

You can find out more about Megan and her services on Model Mayhem or her Website.

Photos Courtesy of Megan Gardner Photography

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